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Early Registration
Posted Aug 11, 2018

Early Registration starts April 1st, 2019 and ends April 30th, 2019

FAQ 2019 SEASON For Cheer and Football
Posted May 6, 2017

1) What are the age groups for each level?

     Answer: The cut off date for each age group is July 31, 2019.

                           Flag: Players ages 5 - 6 before July 31, 2019

                          Pee Wee: Players ages 7 - 8 before July 31, 2019

                          JV: Players ages 9 - 10 before July 31, 2019

                          Varsity: Players ages 11 - 12 before July 31, 2019

2) Can my kid play up a level?

      Answer: Yes, kids can move up if the coaches and parent agree it is okay to move up.

                   Also, because of weight limits, kids may have to play up.

3) Can my kid play down a level?

     Answer: No, BDYF does not allow kids to play down a level.

4) When does the season start?

      Answer: Registration is open April 1st and will go through July 9th.

                    Draft is early July and Practices start late July.

                   Games start end of August/Early September

5) How many days a week do teams practice?

      Answer: The easiest answer is that teams practice 4 days a week until games starts.

                    Once games start, teams go down to 3 practices a week. 

                    It is up to the individual teams/coaches to set practice dates and times.



What's happening around the BDYF

BDYF partners with Heads Up Football

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BDYF Partners with Xpress Sports Training
Posted Jun 27, 2016

Xpress Sports Training is offering a BDYF Program which is 8 weeks for $150. This is an UNLIMITED workout training package. They are also offereing free weightroom access for parents!

Here are some of the highlights of the program:

  • Agility warm up.
  • Stretching, Flex Band routine. Injury Prevention.
  • Quick feet: agility ladder workout with emphasis on lateral quickness.
  • Plyometrics: dynamic multidirectional movements to improve balance.
  • Resistance Band routine with focus on hip and functional core strength.
  • Creating a more EXPLOSIVE first step, forward/lateral, through Resistance Band training.


Xpress Sports Training

5460 Wegman Dr St 1-3

Valley City, Ohio 44280


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